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Jedidiah Ministries is the offshoot of a Bible Study in 2009 while preparing for Drama day at LASPOTECH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, IKORODU.

2 Samuel 12:25 opened my eyes to the way God sees me – His Beloved. This love is expressed in the death of Jesus. This is message He has given to us in the ministry… “To show everyone all over the world the Love of Christ and to prepare everyone as BRIDE for the coming of THE BRIDEGROOM.

What we Belief

We Belief in the Trinity, the deity of Christ Jesus, His divine birth, His Death, His Resurrection and His promise of Second Coming.

Mission Statement

To reach out to the lost, weary and naive on the eternal truths as it relates to;

  1. Godly Living
  2. Faith
  3. Singles and Married
  4. Finance

To raise Disciples of Jesus who will live Godly lives with total faith in God either as Singles or Married and be lights to this world (Matthew 5:14, 28:19-20)

Our Vision

To reach 2 million people daily through Inspired messages & posts by the Holy Spirit through men of God all over the world

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