Make Up – Good or Bad?

The reason why womanhood is fast loosing grip and hold in today’s world is because of make up!

Oh! Yes! I expected that grin on your face… I am sure your brain is presently ticking at the speed of light to either process this or counter it…

Make up is the reason why a lady would still decide to stay with a “boyfriend” who hits her… Make up is the reason she says “eh! He will change, I love him and he loves me too”… Oju e a’ja (you will face the consequence)… It is make up that makes a lady give excuse for a cheating partner and makes her say “at least I am his number one, you know men just like to cheat. If he goes now, will I find a guy that won’t cheat?”

Now, you are wondering how the problem is make up right? …

The essence of make is to “ENHANCE” beauty… Now, please, where do you make up? Isn’t it just your face… Oh! My eyeballs are big, I can use a lining to thin it… Oh! I have small lashes, an extra artificial would make me look better…

Can you see that beauty is a thing of the mind? Womanhood have been mind washed and they have sold the brain food to them that they are not beautiful enough.

Who has bewitched you? Ye know not that an upgraded mind is better than a made up face? [Ayosparks 15:5] The same way poverty is a mind thing, beauty also is…

What happened to the women who lived before make up, what happened to women who made history and their names still ring a bell and yet never used lining or foundation?

Hey fiancee… I am not sorry if you are offended… Hey girlfriend, you can leave after reading this but hear this:

The foundation you need is to know what your purpose is and the linning you need is to align your mind.

I will buy you clothes, shoes, bags, take you round the world, pamper you prodigally but I won’t buy you a single make up kit… The only make up kit I will bombard you with is “BOOKS”

To womanhood, take your stand and beautify your inward person than your face which will someday grow old and sag… Your mind will remain young and as long as you are young at heart then thou shalt always look forever young.

You know I love you… I’m on your side Always💯.

Guys! Did I speak your mind?

My name is Ayosparks and I love #theWoman

Afterthought: I am not saying do not use make up or enhancement kit… I am saying, don’t dwell on it… Take it off your mind that it makes you beautiful than you already are. I can bet that you are the most beautiful woman in someone’s world. Its in the mind of the beholder and the beholdee…

Author: Ayo Opeyemi Sparks

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