Did God do it?

I like to trouble still waters today.

So I saw a baby born badly deformed while I was out the other day and myriads of thoughts streamed my mind.

You probably have seen similar sight too.

Immediately the question popped up in my head: did God do this? Is this God at work?

I know our religious mind is quick to attribute everything to God.

Someone dies and we conclusively say it’s God that took him. I know we have scripture to back that up.

Something evil happens and we say only God knows why, that we don’t know why God had to do (or permit) that.

I know we like to put everything that happen on God, but is that actually true? Did God do it?

Many of the things we attribute to God isn’t God at all; some are either the devil at work or due to man’s ignorance human frailties or just the brokenness of the fallen earth.

And yes, even in the old testament, a lot was attributed to God which in actual fact weren’t God. Many of them spoke out of their limited knowledge and understanding of God.

In the light of Christ, all truth is made plain. Shadows are removed, darkness is exposed and light dawns.

So back to the deformed baby.

No, that definitely wasn’t God. It’s plain Biology at work.

Sometimes, defect during childbirth is traceable to something the mother lacks, didn’t do right, or a combination of other complex medical factors.

Why I will admit that God can (and really does) use any situation to His glory, I wouldn’t want us to confuse that with God purposely causing the situation.

James 1:17 NIV
“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And a lot of times, we really aren’t using our spiritual authority. There are many things we could have stopped if only we used our authority.

Some evils could have been averted if someone stood the gap in prayer; Some negative situations prevented if someone yielded to the promptings of the Spirit.

‘But I thought God is sovereign?’ you say.

You probably have confused what the sovereignty of God really means.

The sovereignty of God means He reserves the sole right to decide and act within the confines of His Word, his justice system.

God hardly override the will and choice of man; He gave man that right. God respects order.

Understand that right now on earth, there’s another force in operation which is of the devil. And because it was man that authorized that evil force, God respects that.

As long as this present earth remains, many things will never be perfect. The best we can have is still a far cry from God’s original intention for humanity.

Our assurance though, is that God is still on His throne & He still reigns over all, despite it all.

And we have a hope of something far better beyond the yonder. This present broken, corrupted earth will be rolled away someday…

Author: Toni Olatunji

Image Credit: in-due-time.com

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