4 Guides to Right Dressing – Part 2


Valentine’s Day has come and gone but like a friend told me, the result of Valentine will be evident in the month of November. I leave you to be the judge of this.

I looked at the different wears on display on Valentine’s Day dresss, I could only see a lost generation that has forgotten that nakedness isn’t a thing to be happy about – Adam and Eve were so ashamed of their nakedness that they had to look for means to cover it. The world however celebrates nudity which is what this post seeks to address. We do not condemn the world but to show the world what it is ignorant about.

4 guides to right dressing

1. Motive – This has been addressed in the previous blog post which you can find here.

2. Who do you represent – This is another question every human must ask before doing anything and this includes what we wear.

Before we look at what the Bible says, let us consider this;

a. A female ambassador from your country to another country is seen to put on a skimpy skirt

b. A male ambassador from your country to another is seen putting on a roundneck shirt and sagging.

c. The Queen of England putting one spaghetti top in public

d. The president/prime minister of your nation flying the collar of his/her shirt

What will be your reaction to this? I believe nobody will love to see their country’s representatives showing off sensitive parts of the body in public. This is because they occupy a position that is considered noble.

The same applies to how we dress. We can only represent either God or the devil on earth. Your dressing goes a long way to show who you represent.

2 Corinthians 5:20 says “for we are ambassadors for Christ…”. The moment you accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, you become His representative (ambassador) on earth.

An Ambassador is someone who represents a king at the court of another king

If we are truly Christ’s representative, do you think God will be pleased with the way you dress? No child from the royal throne is allowed to dress as he/she pleases but must be dressed with royalty. If Jesus had dressed like a thug, nobody would have believed He came from God.

Another vital point to note is this, when you cut your clothes in the name of fashion, there is no difference between such person and a mad man/woman in dressing because their clothes are both torn. What we pass across when we dress in such way means that we represent mad people.

When you dress sagging, the message is you represent prisoners and you will love to be there.

When you dress to expose sensitive parts, you represent prostitutes.

In conclusion, before the apostles were called Christians (Christ-like) in Antioch – Acts 11:26, the people considered so many things which must have included the way they dress. Remember this, you either represent God or the devil in your dressing. There is no self representation because even the celebrities don’t represent themselves but the companies that sign them up who dictate what they wear.


1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or WHATEVER YOU DO, do it all for the glory of God.” Before you put on the cloth in your wardrobe, ponder on this… Is my dressing to the glory of God?

We call you Jedidiah – God’s Beloved

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One thought on “4 Guides to Right Dressing – Part 2

  1. The issue of immoral dressing had caused a lot of havoc in this generation,devil is happy that many,especially the youths and teens tends to dress in such a way that glorify him(devil). Keep exposing your sensitive part in other to bring many down I pity how that body of yours will be roasted in eternal fire.

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