4 Guides to Right Dressing – Part 1


During the early years I gave my life to Christ, I was invited to a Church and upon entering, the lady who ushered me to sit greeted me with the most charming smile. However, one thing I couldn’t control & take my eyes off was the dress of this usher…

Her skirt was tight and showed the shape of her curves & I kept staring at her and so many thoughts went through my mind (I literally undressed her right in the service) and the sermon preached didn’t make sense to me.

I just knew if I stayed long in that church, I will end up sleeping with her or other “beautiful ladies” in the church (they all dress alike).

If you have not read the post on today’s dressing – right or wrong do so now before reading further.

Four Guides to Right Dressing

  1. Motive – One established fact is that everything a man does is with a motive i.e a reason for doing something. This is also applicable to what you wear. It is also a known fact that God considers the state of our heart – 1 Samuel 16:7 “But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his APPEARANCE OR HIS HEIGHT, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.’”

We must establish here that God wasn’t addressing what we wear when he talked about Eliab’s appearance, rather, God was referring to his physique. The point we intend to establish is that God takes into consideration the thoughts that flows from our heart.

Secondly, Proverbs 4:23 reads ABOVE ALL ELSE, guard your heart, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FLOWS FROM IT.” This tells us that everything we do emanates from our heart. Read more on Follow your heart – a contradiction to Scripture

From the two Bible passages, it is right to say the way we dress shows the state of our heart. There are different motives which are outlined below. Note that the list is inexhaustive.

Wrong motives for dressing

a. To be comfortable with one’s self – This is common today. The freedom to choose which is given to us comes to play here, this makes such person dress based on the mood he/she is. This is a form of carefree dressing which does not put into consideration how others feel about the dressing. This is a wrong motive of dressing as it is capable of offending others, leading others astray if you are a man/woman of influence, someone out there looks up to you even if you don’t know it.

b. To impress/seduce the opposite sex – Unfortunately, this is becoming the order of the day, most people dress to impress and “wow” the opposite sex and draw them close sexually. This is applicable more to the women because by nature (the way God created man), men are moved by what they see. If in doubt, ask Adam what he said when he saw Eve for the first time – read Genesis 2:22-23.

c. To “feel among” – In other not to be the odd one out, many people dress to be accepted as part of the group they belong to. This is why you see anyone who decides to hang with rock stars, they automatically change their dress style to be accepted.

by nature (the way God created man), men are moved by what they see.

Right motives to dress

  1. To please God – This must be the primary motive to determine what you wear. A man who desires to please God will never sag (imagine if Jesus came in our generation to save mankind and he was “sagging”). A woman who desires to please God will never leave the cleavage revealed, never wear skimpy clothing, never wear torn “crazy” jeans (imagine if Mary the mother of Jesus wearing such in our generation). If you desire to please God, you will dress in a modest way that will show that you are an ambassador of Christ.
  2. To Prevent Others From Sinning on your Account – I love brother Paul (Apostle) when he said “Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause them to fall” 1 Corinthians 8:13. It is safe to put it this way in our generation – Therefore, if what I wear causes people around/over the internet to fall into sin, I will never wear such clothes again, so that I will not cause them to fall.

The usher mentioned at the beginning of this post didn’t have an understanding of this Bible verse. As a celebrity or leader who has people looking up to you as a source of influence, understand this and help millions all over the world to get it right when it comes to dressing. The ripple effect of this is that when your motive is right in dressing, it helps reduce rape, adultery, broken marriages and even deaths.

We will continue with the next guide in our next blog post. To be notified when it’s posted, just click on the “follow blog via email” to be notified of our latest post.

We call you JEDIDIAH – God’s Beloved

“motive” image courtesy abc.go.com

4 thoughts on “4 Guides to Right Dressing – Part 1

  1. Not only should you dress well to please God,you must also be careful the inscriptions, logos,designs and words written in the cloth you chose to put on,there are some cloth which are not bad in itself but the inscriptions are devil’s subtle to drag you down eg are;”I’m sexy’,’kiss me’,’turn me on’, ‘my money grows like grass’,’all eyes on me’, etc.

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