Today’s Dressing – Right or Wrong?


Have you ever heard the saying “I can wear anything I like” or “so long as I am comfortable with what I wear, I don’t care about your opinion”?

If we are to address the matter on dressing the right way, there’s no way we can look up to the world’s celebrities, we have to go back to the beginning and study the first people to cover their bodies to learn and know what is right.

NOTE: this piece talks to both male and female.

Genesis 3:7 “Then the eyes of both of them were opened,  and THEY REALIZED they were naked; so they sewed dig leaves together and made coverings from themselves.”

  1. They tried to cover their nakedness immediate they realized they were naked
  2. They covered the nakedness the “BEST” way they could
  3. Despite their covering, Adam still felt he was naked, so he hid himself from God.  v10

From the above, one can say that the first clothing/dress man made was faulty. If you don’t agree yet, we must then ask the question “Why will God make clothes from animal skin to cover them?”

Genesis 3:21 “The LORD god made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.”

The following facts can be established;

  1. God knew they were still naked despite the coverings Adam made himself.
  2. God knew the best covering for them.
  3. He wanted man to dress the right way.

God who wasn’t comfortable with Adam’s way of “dressing” in the beginning will sure not be comfortable with dressings that shows cleveages, sensitive parts of the body and sagging.

In conclusion, Adam got it wrong and it is only in God we can dress right. Celebrities can never dress the right way because they dress to please men NOT God.

Oyedeji Johnson

Twitter: @jministriesng


6 thoughts on “Today’s Dressing – Right or Wrong?

  1. Thanks for this, hope the heart of men will be redirected to their source and the older generation will no continue to mislead this upcoming generation. Pls help blow the trumpet.

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  2. Hmmm, inspiring. Men now look up to celebrities as role model, imitate their dressing & the likes, overcomes by the pleasures of this world. They’ve forgotten that only those who look up to God would not be ashamed. More Grace.

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  3. I am really inspired. I will make sure this beautiful piece gets to the those who don’t see anything wrong with the way the dress even when all sensitive parts of their body are exposed. The almighty God through this creation will enlarge your coast-Amen

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